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Roxanne Kerr MSc

Over the last few years I have counselled survivors of childhood sexual abuse within the charity sector and I currently manage a project which supports individuals with a broad range of severe and enduring mental health conditions.

I developed an interest in psychological trauma when I began to witness the impact that traumatic experiences- even ones that on the surface were perceived as insignificant- could have on the quality of my clients lives. These experiences had often left individuals with debilitating long term symptoms and more than anything a feeling of hopelessness. On the back of this, I made it my mission to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to help people process their trauma and live a life which was not dictated by the past but rather hope for the future. 

As well as trauma, I also work with clients experiencing non-trauma related anxiety and stress.


  • Msc Counselling (Distinction) - Abertay University

  • BA Psychology- University of Edinburgh

  • COSCA certificate in Counselling- West Lothian College

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist- Trauma Institute International 



  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • Trauma Training in Scotland


A safe place for you to share without judgement.

Disclosing your history of trauma to a stranger can be terrifying and daunting experience and may take a lot of courage to do so.  


As a counsellor I fully understand the importance of this which is why I focus on creating a safe environment where you can fully express yourself, free of judgement. 

I have a particular interest in attachment theory and neuropsychology but in my practice, I work creatively with a wide variety of trauma focused methods, all of which are supported by research in trauma. 

One of the most important elements to the success of our work together however is that your voice is always valued and respected in the sessions. As such, the counselling process is very much a collaborative one which is shaped and tailored to your individual needs and preferences.  


Developing strength and resilience to move past your trauma.

Throughout history, the helix shape has been a symbol for strength, resilience and overcoming adversity; everything that I believe is essential to helping you move forward from a traumatic experience. 


Building resilience doesn't mean forgetting what happened to you but rather being able to be accept your experiences as part of your personal history without it defining who you are as an individual . 

Whats next?

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