Counselling for Individuals

We offer Trauma Focused Therapy which is supported by extensive research and has been shown to be successful across all types of trauma

Initial Session

The first session involves getting to know you, your goals and what you want from counselling. It is also a good opportunity to find out whether I am the right counsellor for you before we start working together. The session will be informal and you wont be expected to discuss anything that you don't feel comfortable speaking about.


The first session will take place in Kinross Community Centre. 

1 hour Free

Standard Session

If you decide to continue attending counselling with me, we will work at your own pace to explore your trauma and move towards your goals using a variety of trauma focused methods which are supported by research literature.

These sessions will take place in Rumbling Bridge, which is about 8 miles outside Kinross.

1 hour £50


Current Availability

I currently have some weekend and evening appointments available

Do you work with Children?


I do not currently work with children but if you can get in contact with me, I can signpost to trauma focused counsellors who do. 


How many sessions will I need?


There are many different factors which influence the number of sessions you need including the severity of the trauma and the impact it has had on your every day life. This is something we will monitor and discuss throughout our work together.

Whats next?

Book an initial consultation and we can discuss together what you need from counselling and whether its right for you

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