Therapy provides you with the opportunity to shape your own future. 

When you have been struggling with your mental health for a long time and feel that you have tried everything already and nothing works, it can be difficult to believe that you will ever start to feel better again.  


I work in an unique way where collaboration is a key component of the work we will do together and where your input into the therapeutic process is respected and welcome. 

I work with all forms of trauma as well as non-trauma related stress and anxiety.


As a therapist, I have a high success rate and the majority of the clients I have worked with have been able overcome the burden of their trauma, anxiety and stress which has significantly improved their quality of life.

By attending therapy, I can help you:

  • Break free from shame and guilt.

  • Live the life you want without fear.

  • Be in control of your anxiety rather than the other way round.

  • Reduce your physical symptoms.

  • Create healthy boundaries with other people.

  • Understand yourself better and be more comfortable with who you are.

Whats next?

Book an initial consultation and we can discuss together what you need from counselling and whether its right for you

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