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Managing stress during a crisis

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What is the purpose of this course?

This is a short practical workshop which aims to help people to manage their levels of stress in the present moment and minimise their chance of developing long-term mental health problems as a result of experiencing a crisis situation.

Who is it for?

Workplaces and staff teams that are exposed to high levels of stress during a crisis.


What will you learn?

  • What stress is

  • Ways to recognise your own stress

  • Techniques for managing stress

  • Practical ways to build team resilience

Follow up

A 10-minute web or telephone call will be offered to each member of staff free of charge 1 week after the training has ended.

Additional services we can offer

  • Additional 10-minute online check in sessions

  • Crisis management Counselling Sessions

  • *Trauma Therapy


*Trauma Therapy will not be offered until 30 days after the crisis is over and only to those who are still struggling significantly with their mental health.

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